How long does it take to set up?

About 2 minutes. Easy to follow instructions are provided, but in short you just screw the legs in, stand it up, plug it in and off you go. We have specifically designed this so you can set everything up yourself with no hassle. 

Do you supply a booth attendant?

Great news - as this is a self-run photo booth, you don't need one! More importantly though, our view is that it's your party and why would you want a stranger there, especially one that's making sure you're behaving. We want you and other booth users to be fully relaxed, take as many shots as you like and really cut loose!

Will my pictures be printed out?

No, but all your photos will be available online after your event and we will also send you a download link too.

How and when do I get my pictures?

When your party is over and when the booth is returned to us, we will download all your images and professionally edit them. We’ll then send them to you in an online gallery and also as a download link (so you can save all the images to your computer and do with them as you please thereafter).

Can I see the pictures after they have been taken?

You certainly can. The booth comes with a viewing screen (it's built into the custom designed hard case that houses the camera and lights). Once taken, the image will appear on the screen.

What space is needed to set it up effectively?

Not much at all. It can fit into small spaces very nicely. 

How does the delivery and return work?

We use an external courier who will deliver the booth to you before your event.  The same applies for the return in that the package will be collected from you on the next business day after your event (Monday-Saturday). when you make your booking all you need to do is provide us with the address you'd like to have it delivered to and collected from and we'll arrange the rest.

How long does the rental last?

So, lets say your event is on a Saturday - we'll deliver it to you on the Friday and collect it from you on the Monday. if you need it earlier, that's usually fine but always worth checking to be sure.

Do you supply props and a background?

We'll provide you with a bunch of props within the same case as the photo-booth arrives in. We always recommend supplementing these with your own for a bit of individuality. We don't provide backgrounds as standard but can do at a small extra charge. Normally this isn't an issue though as there is always a suitable place to act as a background - think drawn curtains, a brick wall, corner of a marquee, nice wall paper area. You can always make your own too (that's how we started as a business).

Can it be set up outside?

It can indeed but we'd ask that you keep a close eye on the weather and as soon as it threatens to rain that you bring it in and under cover.


My question hasn't been answered, how can I get in touch with you?

Drop us a line here or give us a call on 07800 914392.


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